Suffering and aching, I pretend to forget about the pain. I deliberately ignore the fact that the pain is still with me, suppressing my body as if it were a part of me. Over time, I can’t remember if they were from the beginning. I am confused. Lost in confusion, I mature and grow. 


Burnt out from emotional suffering, I efface the pain from my memory as if I have amnesia… all my feelings are suddenly paralyzed and they rise like smoke from the wrinkles of my body. 

Growing pains./2012

Like swirling magma from the earth’s core, unrecognizable forms surface to my face and grow to the magnitude of the pain I keep hidden deep inside. This face is the face of the honest and mature woman that I’m growing into. I see the beauty of honesty underneath the repulsive forms that cover the face. 


I’m in pain, in agony. My limbs feel like they’re being torn off. The severed body parts crawl around and twist into a knobbed body of their own. The sorrows of life carve wrinkles into my flesh and the distorted blob grows outwards like poison ivy. 


It could be a person wearing a bird costume or it could be a bird trying to look like a person. We search for balance within our lives that mix with each other like the bird and the person. The distinct yet intertwined entities fight for balance and become one, dressed in a new garment of stability. Humans and animals alike create anew from harmony and search for balance again. It does not matter what costume you are wearing in the end. 

The Earth’s Energy./2011

Like the earth’s energy unfolding again when the cold Winter passes and Spring comes, my body receives new energy and blooms anew. As the buds praise the coming Spring as they sprout from the earth emitting the energy and forces of life, I also emerge into the world with sublime beauty. The earth sparkles and the whole world is drenched with fresh colors. 

Force of rage./2011

Rage usually refers to the emotion of anger. To be exact, the emotion of anger can be expressed into multiple moods. Ever felt the fury of love? When exposed, these burning emotions can become passion or destruction. We get furious by vague emotions that we cannot clearly define - whether they are passionate or destructive ones. I discover a more mature level of anger through the ashes of my painfully emblazoned rage. 

The amusement park in my head./2010

If you look into Medusa’s eyes, you turn into stone. The snakes on her head are moving creepily. With this goddess in mind, I created an amusement park in my head which I can control with my eyes. The park contains my hopes of being able to see the world without prejudice or distortion like an innocent child playing in an amusement park. I hope my head does not get filled with creepy snakes looking out of scary their scary eyes…